Found Cover-second edition  I’ve written a lot since I released Wlia: Mothers of War Trilogy. Heck, I’ve re-written Wila so many times I almost want to count the revisions as new books as well. I’ve gotten good reviews and the only complaint seems to be my lack of proofing the book. Each time I receive a review or email from a fan about my lack of ability to find the errors, I have mixed emotions because I have literally read the book no fewer than ten times and still, I just can’t seem to catch everything. I do know I proof read like I write…fast. There is no defense, I can only say, each and every time I will strive to do better because readers deserve no less.

Oh yeah and grammar. I do receive the occasional comment on grammar. I write like I talk (speak???) and I have poor grammar. Working on it.

Anyway, before I write about the revisions I’ve made to Found I’d like to thank everyone who have read or will read or is reading the book. When this all started I didn’t think it would become an addiction but it has, and with the kind words and glowing reviews (in spite of poor editing and grammar) I write almost everyday. It’s inspiring and rewarding in a way I never imagined. THANK YOU!

Found: Second Edition. I received a few emails, facebook and blog comments about the second book. The book was always meant to be three and I have about half of the second written but was sidetracked by five completed books and three unfinished ones. I’m a little scatter brained when it comes to writing and I find myself dropping one story to start another, but after making a move from Cali (California) to Ali (Alabama), I decided to finish book two, titled Guardians. But before that, I decided to try and find all those errors that plagued the second revision. In fixing those I decided things needed to be changed, taken out, or just added brand new, which made me release it, not as a revision, but a second edition. It changed how the second one will turn out, but that’s a different story all together. Anywho, I read, re-read, tweaked out the book cover, and uploaded to Smashwords, the new edition last night and will keep my fingers crossed that it is better. Check it out and let me know.



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