LUPA: Part Two?

So, I decided to start writing after researching a favored author. I’d purchased my first nook and was obsessed with young adult paranormal romance novels and couldn’t find my next fix quick enough. I found a series of books, My Blood Approves, written by Amanda Hockings and for reasons unknown looked her up and found out she was a self-published author. I also found Penelope Fletcher, who write the equally wonderful, Ray Wilder books. She is also a self-published author.

I moved on from young adult paranormal to just plain adult paranormal and TWILIGHT-like books were replaced with THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD, by J.R. Ward. It’s obsession at its best and worst. After reading and re-reading the BDB books and anything like it, I decided to give the self-published and often times free books a chance, after all it was the reason I started writing, and downloaded a very popular series. I read the first few pages and was like–I can do better than this.

I never intended on writing a werewolf book, I thought the market had too many after the sparkly vampires were on the scene, but since this was going to be an adult book I sat down and started to write. Like the rest, I was finished in a week with the first draft, but I couldn’t sit still long enough to do a proof reading so I picked up on a book I’d started the summer before. The original story was about fairies but I changed it to werewolves and LUPA was born. I wrote the story with a clear end in sight and I typed until I was finished. Or so I thought.

I have received emails and comments and every review states, “I can’t wait to see what happens.”

What the…

So it seems I was not finished. Currently I am working on book two of my first book, and I also have to finish a fifth book to a series, and proof the adult werewolf book that started it all. After that I can focus on a sequel to LUPA. I already have a title: NONAKRIS.  (I think)

As always, I’d like to thank everyone take time to read anything I write. I love to write and I love a good story and with each comment I am inspired to write something worthy that time.




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