The Queen and Imagination

Queen Elizabeth

I love history, jewels, pomp and circumstance and beautiful ball gowns. I don’t know if it is the reason I am utterly fascinated with Her Majesty the Queen of England Elizabeth II but I’m sure it aids it. If I had money I’d move to Great Brittan, become as citizen and be forever more her loyal and faithful subject. I’d move as soon as Prince Charles became King because I am most definitely Team Diana. A place where there is a Queen Camilla is just…wrong.  I’d move back for King William and Queen Catherine’s reign.

I know her life is sometimes, if not always, anything other than the fairytale that I imagine. It still seems so other worldly. And while I watch documentaries on her life or read the latest this or that online about her family I cannot help but place her in the realm of make-believe. Maybe it’s because I’m American. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl. Maybe it doesn’t matter. There is just something about the quiet regal woman that makes me daydream and puts me in the place that I often go when I watch a good movie or read a good book.

My first book has all the things that I love. A Queen who wears long flowing gowns and no shoes. She has knights and a guard. There are angels with large white wings that protect her and are utterly devoted. People bow and curtsey to her and she wears a crown that changes with her mood, it can be  covered in diamonds or become a wreath of spring blossoms around her lovely head.  There is pageantry and fealty, oaths and vows. There are unbreakable bonds. And sappy love. All of which fascinate me.

The ceremonies that take place in the book are based on those I’ve found from all around the world. If you care to dig there is real history and folklore within the book. The color of the wedding dress. The significance of the number 7, the wedding ceremony, the name of the characters; all based on some tidbit of information I came across when I started because sometimes history and fairy-tales are one.

Like the Queen.



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