It was worth every single word

fireworksHello Ms. Wells I just finished reading your Found book and couldn’t find when the next book was coming out ?
Found was a fantastic book !!
Words can not express the joy I felt when I opened my email and found the above comment that was not from friend or family member.
I am finishing up with a second book that my husband has named “the secret book” and the comment has made me go back to finish the second book of the Found trilogy. The title; The Guardians. The book cover; a done deal. I am seventy thousand words down in a book that will be about ninety to a hundred when done. I should be finished in a month.
I may not ever be famous, may never be known by more than a handful of people who download these free books. But I will forever be grateful to each and every person who take the time to read my stories.
Thank you.

2 responses to “It was worth every single word

  1. I’m reading Found and loving it, sadly, there seem to be a fair number of errors in the work. I’d love to help you fix your work; obviously free of charge. I’m no expert, but I do believe I can assist you … It would be a pity to leave the story as it is. One tip I can offer you, is simply to set up the voice over feature on your computer; use it to listen to your writing. You’ll be surprised at the number of typos you’ll catch in this manner. Amberjones797@ (gmail you know the rest)

    • Ms. Amber,
      Thank you for your suggestion and offer and I will keep both in mind. I’d like to think you are reading the first edition and not the second but I won’t hold my breath. As my best friend pointed out, it’s hard to find your own mistakes (but she didn’t offer to find them for me).

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