For the love of writing

writer Anyone who knows me also know there’s nothing I love more than a project. My only problem is the lack of completion of said project. Examples include but are not limited to:

Silk ribbon embroidery – Seemed like a beautiful, eloquent and loss art. The original project was going to be a set of linen napkins for my mothers christmas present. This was four years ago. I made one napkin. But I did purchase about 100 spools of ribbon.

Sewing – This was not a total wasted project I did make two gowns for my newborn twin nieces and two dresses for myself. But I also purchased countless patterns (VOGUE no less) that are sitting in a drawer. The sewing machine purchased is covered and hasn’t been touched in a year or two.

I do like to make and complete custom gift boxes. So there’s that.

When I decided to write a book. I did weeks of research (The research is as much fun as the writing in my opinion) on the subject matter. In Found (originally Wila: The Mother’s of War Trilogy) I wanted to incorporate tons of folklore and religious custom and practices from all over the world. For me, a person who loves history, I love it when I come across something in a book that has me stopping to goggle something. Thank goodness for the nook table which allows me to do it right then and there.

In the last several months since Found. I started the second book titled Guardians, I write 2,000 words a day as per instructed by Stephan King. I also got on a reading jag that consumed my ever waking moment from October to December so I got a little sidetracked but I think I kicked the habit at the first of the year.

The problem is. In the middle of writing Guardians (I have about 70,000 words) I got an idea for a sci-fi book. It is based on HeLa Cells. For those of you who don’t know about HeLa Cells let me fill you in.

Scientist took cervical cancer cells from Henrietta Lacks. These cells were the first discovered immortal cells, meaning they can live outside of the human body. This allowed scientist for the first time to work with human cells. They are the reason the polio vaccine was finally made. Since then vaccines and medicines from Cancer to AIDS have been made using these cells.  They are the truly modern medicines miracle. She is without a doubt the most important person in history. I am astonished that I did not know of this woman before stumbling across the story. The injustice.

Any who, The book covers a hundred year time span where a scientist working with the newly discovered immortal cells anciently creates the first immortal human through cloning. Sounds good? I think so. I just hope I can do the story justice. The title of the book is The First Immortal. I have about 10,000 words so far.


I also had an idea for a contemporary romance novel that involves a love triangle were the main character falls in love with two best friends, while having an office affair with her boss who turns out to be an all drug cartel assassin. This book I finished writing in a week, and currently has about 90,000 words.

Three books. Stories. plots. characters. research. All bouncing around in my head. So many things to write, I wish I had that machine from the Tommyknockers. The main character, Bobby, finds a spaceship on her property. Bobby is able to create a contraption that allows her to write while digging out the space ship. It sure would be a handy little sucker instead of digging I need something to write one book while I work on another.

I like reading. I’ve always loved a good story. I love what a good book does for the soul. I also discovered I like writing. Okay, I love writing. I use to tell other people stories and I am delighted to find I have my own to tell. I just hope that my new project doesn’t end up like so many others.

I received my email from a reader on Jan 3rd. I’m ecstatic. As soon as I finish proofing the new romance which I have yet to title. I will go back to Guardians. The First Immortal will have to wait.




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