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the gunslinger
I read over 60 books  in 2012 (I read several multiple times bringing grand total to 85).
In October I discovered the series The Blackdagger Brotherhood, written by J.R. Ward. I read all 10 novels in six days and when I finished, I read them again. It took me about two weeks before I got my fill. If you are a fan of adult paranormal romance I can’t say enough READ THIS BOOK.
For three months I read. I ignored my husband and son to read, I hardly ate and never cooked to read, I barely bathed to read. My nook has 320 books on it and hasn’t been turned off in four months. I’m a reader. I could be worst.
In the middle of reading The Breed Series by Lora Leigh (26 books in this series some are short stories), I had an idea for a book. I stopped reading and start writing. I wrote for a week straight. I wrote like I had previously been reading, ignoring all, in order to get the story told. I’m finished and doing first proof reading.
So in between looking for a new job and writing books (I stopped writing a Sci-fi novel about an immortal created from Hela Cells) I read. But the adult paranormal romance novels I have been stuck on for the last three months are not doing it for me any more, neither is the re-reading Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared to You which were among my favorites of 2012. So I’m going back to where my love began.

Stephen King.
No matter what your genre or favorite writer. You can’t go wrong with Stephen King. My love is long and goes deep for Mr. King (I’d be completely start struck if I ever see him. A crying, blubbering, hysterical mess I will be). I have read every one of his novels and the majority of his short stories. His novels I’ve read several times over the twenty-five years since I discovered IT.
I wish I was more like my husband. He likes sci-fi but also reads a lot of non-fiction aka smart books, mainly about science. But I like to be entertained when I read not smarter. I want to escape when I read not think. I want to cheer on good guys, hate bad guys, cry, laugh, mourn when I read. So I will read THE DARK TOWER SERIES.

Not my first, but my favorite. It’s long, which I love and it’s inspiring. I cry at the lost of Eddis beloved brother and stand up and cheer him has he fights naked to escape a drug lord after first meeting Roland. I hold my breath when  Jake and Oy  Roland looks a lot like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. He is the man. I don’t love or hate him. I don’t cheer him on. He simple is, a constant, a given. He will not fail. I never doubt it… ever.



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