Edward Cullen vs. Stephen King

While my great love for reading came as a child and my first memory are those of fairy tales and the first books I read after those were the novels that featured busty maidens with windswept hair being held by a bare chest Fabio on the cover (that’s what was lying around the house). My first love is Stephen King.

I’ve read a lot of authors and a few different genres. Toni Morrison will have you spellbound. Please if you haven’t yet picked up or download Song a Solomon. It’s phenomenal. Ernest Gaines, A Lesson Before Dying is also at the top of the list as all time favorites. To Kill a Mockingbird, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo even my beloved Twilight, but nothing, and I mean nothing, will take the place in my heart that I have for a good old Stephen King novel.

In the last three or four years I have been consumed with a new love of young adult paranormal romance novels, triggered by Twilight. I’ve downloaded, and read, over a hundred in these last few years, some repeatedly. Everything else seemed dull and boring compared to them until four days ago.

I opened Under the Dome on my nook tablet and didn’t look back until I was finished this early afternoon. Glad that my son is in Alabama with family and completely ignoring my husband I was unable to put it down.

Forgotten were sparkly vampire, forgotten were demon boys and girls with an unbreakable bond, forgotten were nephilim warriors and the girl with the bow and arrows.

I’ve been suck in a small town that’s been surrounded by a mysterious dome and was unable to get free until just today. I’ve been trying to escape the shenanigans of a politician that looked a lot like Boss Hogg (if you’re too young to remember the Dukes of Hazard, Google him). I’ve been with Julia, the owner of the local newspaper, who looks like Jody Foster and the recently promoted Col. Barbie a traveling ex-soldier, who looks a lot like Daniel Craig. They aided in my escape. I have been secretly cheering on Chef a local meth addict, who looks a lot like Brad Pitt in Snatch and Mr. Sanders, the until the end spineless first city councilman who looks a lot like William H. Macy, almost destroyed us all. After four days of nail bitting suspense, fear, terror, laughter and tears, the dome has now lifted and allowed the few of us that lived release.

Be still my cheating heart. Forgive me Mr.King for the adulterous affair I’ve had these last few years with the new younger love I’ve discovered. Know that it is but a phase, and I, your ever loyal reader, will never leave you that long again. My heart is big enough for the two of you. I know you understand.

Your #1 Fan 😉


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