Social Networking

IS HARD!!!!!!!

I must be too old. I remember a time before cell phones. A land when beepers were the hot new gadget, a time before tablets, cell phones and laptops. Mobile phones were in a bag and had cords or if you were really to do, no bag, and no cord but as big as a children’s shoe box. I learned to type in a room full of manual typewriters. It was the only class where the students actually tried to get there early for a chance at the new electric models. I computer class in the 10th grade had big fat monitors with black screens and a green blinking cursor.

At the advice of the Smashwords marketing guide I attempted to venture into the land of social networking. I started this blog (I’m on the fence on whether or not I like this), opening a Good Reads account (which I love), a twitter account (which I don’t like) and lastly a Facebook account (ignore the tears of frustration please). Many moons ago I open a MySpace account and enjoyed it. But the new hip happening thing was Facebook and so that I was not left behind by my sisters this time (I was always the last to get on the board, the last to get a pager, and the last to get a cell phone) I decided to open an account.

I am no good at it. I, the woman that for the last seven years ran a company, created policy and procedure on how this company should run and complex excel spreadsheets cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a Facebook page. I spent all day yesterday making accounts and trying to link them together which I was semi-successful in all but the dreaded Facebook. I opened up new account because I wanted it to be dedicated solely to my updates on the progress to the books I will write but soon realize that it was unnecessary but was to exhausted to try to figure out how to back track and link to my existing account. I’m not even sure if I will attempt to try. It’ll take me longer to figure out than it did to write a book and I’m itching to start the second.

I’ll open a new MySpace page today. Facebook as licked me, for now.


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