You never forget your first

two years ago, after working my way up to a pretty good position at a job i loved, i was given my first bonus.  having all this new-found wealth,  i set out to purchase me and my boys our newest addition of toys. i immediately went out and bought 3 ipads, as it was the newest latest and greatest gizmo.

i never even opened mine, my husband returned his saying it was just like his ipod, my son was the only one that kept his and in the end, i bought it from him for $100 and then gave it to my mom as a “just cause” gift.

i am a reader. from a family of readers. my mom read to me and my sisters and we all grew into women who love to read. i read to my son and my husband is a reader too. i am lucky in this regard and don’t understand how anyone could not find enjoyment in reading a good book.  because of this love of books and reading, around the time i was returning 2 of the 3 ipads i began my research on the perfect e-reader.  ordinarily i am an instant gratification kind of person and i will buy the first thing i come across that fits the description, so you now understand what a big deal it was for me to actually sit down and  go to different web-sites, blogs and view countless you-tube video of different e-book readers.  it quickly became obvious that i only had two choices really. the kindle or the nook.

now my house do have allegiance to our gadgets, we are most definitely ps people, not xbox people, we are pc people not apple people (except for ipods of course). and made my decision on my e-reader in the end on my simple logic of, who better to offer a reader than a book store.  i do love a book store and their wonderful section for magazines, journals, book ends, bookmarks and complete works of.  so in to the local barns and noble i went and purchased my first nook. two years later and i have purchased all five, but that’s a story for the different time.

at the time i was swept up in the frenzy called Twilight (TEAM EDWARD!) and after reading each book no fewer than four times each i retired them on their very on spot on the new bookshelf  i’d also purchased with said new-found wealth. needing a new fix,  i set out to find the next great sparkly love story and immediately downloaded every young adult paranormal romance novel i could find on b&n site.  to my surprise they were all very good.  but i wondered why these books were free. being new to the e-reader world, up until this point i had paid cold hard cash for each and every last one of my books.

i discovered the world of self published authors. story after story on these amazing people and so i decided i would write a book. if they can, why can’t i and maybe the only thing that had held me back was the thought of countless rejection letters. so last year i started writing my very first novel. a young adult paranormal romance novel.

i wrote the first 20 or so pages and was thrilled with my 10 thousand words.  it’s ok to laugh, i do to, thinking back on it.  10 thousand measly words are nothing and eventually my book fell to the wayside and i went back to my real life and to my real job, which i worked 6 days a week and 12 hour a day.

earlier this month i final finished the book. a moderate but good first attempt with over 50 thousand words. i am proud of it and now the hard part. Harder than even writing it,  getting the word out about my book, better known as,  marketing my book. i am following all smashwords suggestions. it has become my new religion, hence this blog.

so welcome to my journey and as soon as i can figure it out, i plan on posting an excerpt from my book. and eventually the book in its entirety as it is in its editing phase right now,  i’d love some comments good or bad.


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